All of the good aspects of a pool are typically associated with femininity and glamour, from the fruity smells of the mild bubble baths up to the cozy feeling that only a truly spongy bath Mat under the toes. How could you create a luxurious bathroom space than to make it too feminine?

In order to make your bathroom a absolute Paradise, there are a number of Tricks that you can test for your decorating, lighting and even your accessories. Check out our suggestions to see if you can inject a little female glamour into your bathroom.


There are certain themes that can add a real female Touch to any bathroom. The Parisian elegance is very popular with the elegant simplicity of Coco Chanel, suitable for a classic bathroom. Try an independent bathtub with melted iron to achieve this look, along with a dynamic color scheme (don’t worry, we’ll come to it later)!

Greek can be another lush and glamorous theme that would work very well with marble accessories such as tiles or a marble bowl.

For a completely different style, the lights will contribute to your mirror to an old Hollywood theme; LED mirrors are an excellent way to make this style elegant and modernized.

Shabby chic has been one of the most popular interior designers for several years. With a few “period accessories” like traditional cabinets like our Savoy range, it can create this look while keeping the functionality in place.

To satisfy your inner child, a mermaid could be perfect! The bathroom is the ideal space for such a design, with aqueous tones and marine accessories (e.g. trays on the shelves) that complement the practice of your room without any problems. A wet room would be perfect for this theme by giving his bath, the air from a luxurious bolt-hole!


Color Your Lady’s Bath. The color and theme are closely related; a wise choice can transform your bath into a female Paradise.

Shabby chic often works wonderfully with pie colors, so why not coat the floor and the walls of your bathroom (in whole or in part) and select a delicate tone that becomes a glamorous and practical space?

Alternatively, the walls, your cupboards or even the outside of your bath can be painted (!) On a yellow, purple, or green cake, you can add to the space a beautiful feminine touch.

Advice: always check whether your bathroom can be painted before you remove your brush! Our landmark bathroom can be removed, so if you are looking for your own bathtub, this could be your best Option.

For Parisian or Hollywood theme pools, eye-catching colors are indispensable, which are generally compensated by a monochrome Basis. An eye-catching wall is an excellent way to inject a tint, so try using a bold red or yellow to create a dynamic edge in your women’s toilet. An Alternative is a bold shower; our tones allow him to choose a bright tone that adds to its design and color, some personality.

Even small accessories can help you create the perfect color scheme. No matter what tone, choose matching items, such as towels, bra and curtains. This approach works whether you want to be subtle or courageous, which allows you to get the right female Design.

Storage and shelves

Having space to store all your lotions, potions and products is vital, but you can also use them to create your female Design. The baskets will work well, especially if you are looking for a shabby chic style. Shelves attached to the walls or hung up, can be a useful way to store your essential items such as Make-up or iron for hair.

When we’re talking about Make-up, if you keep it in your bathroom, you can make it a female Designer statement. We have previously suggested that the makeup will be in your bathroom, store it best in a box or closet, so let this have a real peculiarity in your bathroom, a cabinet dedicated to make-up; a mirror above the sink would be ideal!

Bubble baths are quite glamorous, so if you have tons of bubbling products, bragging about a few ingenious storage ideas. A cake holder is a compact and practical way to store smaller bottles and swimming pumps; these can easily fit most cabinets or units.

If you have the right space in your bathroom, a wine rack is an excellent opportunity to store larger bottles with bubbles, taking baths, so no champagne!

Vertical shelves for wines are often quite narrow, so they can be very useful to use the complicated space between units with which you do not know what to do. This is a storage solution that could work in both large and small bathrooms. If you want to make this a little explanation, a horizontal shelf above the unit will work just as well.


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