If you’re on a journey to banish cruelty from your beauty routine, Girl Guides congratulates you. You are now part of a growing number of people working together to buy in a way that is more friendly and protects vulnerable creatures.

Nevertheless, it may be a little oppressive and intimidating to take the first steps into life without cruelty. You’ll be able to find friendly versions of these important elements, such as mascara and eye shadow, or you’re destined to go forever with the face down? The good news is that it has never been so easy to become natural, and there are still many makeup brands available to you.

Here are our three tips to help you get started when it comes to choosing the best cruelty makeup that’s right for you.

Try Vegan Brands

Veganism is a growing movement, for good reason. By definition, it is a movement that wants to exclude any form of exploitation or cruelty to animals for any purpose. If you choose vegan products, you can be sure that what you chose is not only cruel but also contains no animal products. There are already many vegan brands on the market, and everyone uses the fact that he is vegan in his brand because it is such a strong point of sale. There are also many markings that may not be vegans, but make the products suitable for vegans. They often mark the product as a product, so it is always worthwhile to look at the back of the packaging.

Choose the Best Stores

Some stores were part of their business to ensure that the products they store are Human. They understand that this is becoming an important problem for many so that 36% of women buy brands that do not support cruelty. It makes sense to buy in these stores, not only because they support the movement, but also because they make it easier to make their purchases without cruelty. If you know that the Store has been working hard for you to select the products that are not tested on animals, then you have the right to choose everything you offer.

Use Certified Products

If for some reason you can’t shop in a completely cruel shop, you could look for products that are considered humane products. Accreditations such as the rabbit jumping from Cruelty-Free International tell you that a product, including the product manufacturer, has no relation to animal cruelty. They also examine the manufacturers of ingredients used in a product so that they, as consumers, can be sure that their purchase is in line with their ethics. Not only that but also the purchase of accredited products supports organizations such as Cruelty-Free International, which work hard around the world to put an end to animal testing.


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