There is nothing more uncomfortable than having menstruation period.

Girl Guides Knows. Menstruation is a miracle. It’s another month when your body could have grown into another life form and blah, blah, blah.

It is also another week of crippling pain, swelling, a bad mood and pimples worse than all periods.

I’m hopeless at keeping track of my cycle. I’m too lazy to access it in an app or even mark it on a calendar because I have my own little tale. My body gives me a sign every month a few days before Aunt Flo’s arrival and is 100% accurate.

Every month, about three days before the arrival of menstruation, turning left into a broken Avenue. It’s a nightmare.

This is actually super common. Between 50 and 80% of women experience pre-menstrual pimples (as if the premenstrual syndrome was not already severe enough).

Of course, the severity will be different from woman to woman. If you already have acne, it may get slightly worse or your fair skin may be compromised by some annoying defects. Anyway, no woman wants to spend a quarter of every month dealing with the pimples of the period.

Despite the fact that half the population is endowed with a couple of ovaries, periodic speeches still seem a little taboo. Even so, we can talk (somehow) openly about periodic pains and cramps, but the real hormones that contribute to these things rarely receive a mention.

Now I’m not going to tell you not to stress yourself over pimples of PMS because I cried on my uneven skin several times than I can count. Saying not to worry is never an effective means of alleviating worry.

Instead, Girl Guides will tell you what to do about it.

Wipe those tears off and say hello to those annoying spots.

Do not skip skin care

It may sound hopeless because the pimples or acne keep popping up despite your best efforts, but the worst thing you can do is stop your skincare. Good skin hygiene and an efficient routine throughout the month can reduce the effect of a pickle to a Minimum during the busy period.

I’m talking about cleaning in the morning and in the evening.

The skincare is good for yourself, and if you come at this time of the month, we could all be a little nicer to us.

If you set up a solid daily routine, clean up twice a day and keep your seams at bay.

The skin treatment is not unique

An important step to learn how to deal with the skin, is the understanding of the problem areas. I can’t tell you how much money I spent on skin therapy just to find out my Problem is dryness.

Before you buy something, pay attention to your skin (and find out what skin you have).

When our times come, our bodies experience some pretty drastic hormonal changes. This is directly related to the amount of infusion bag produced.

Most women experience lower levels of estrogen and sebo in the first days of their menstrual cycle. That often means your skin is drier. At the end of your cycle, the infusion bag tends to produce more infusion bags than is necessary, resulting in fat skin.

Change the way you take care of your skin as you walk through this cycle. Moisture and Sera will be your best friends and help you dry up at the beginning of the cycle, while turbidity masks and detergents based on defects will save your life.

Take Vitamin C  

Vitamin C

If you don’t use at least one Vitamin C preparation on your face, you lose.

Vitamin C is one of the most important sources of nourishment for the skin and improves the skin’s ability to jump and repair. To wear the skin, is a pleasure and also helps to reduce the appearance of scarring.

The supply of Vitamin C additives strengthens the immune system and promotes the happiest skin from the inside to the outside. If you take care of yourself, your skin will take care of yourself.

Keep Yourself Moisturized

Before you go crazy and get any old moisturizer in your ear, check it out with your skin.

When our skin becomes fat, it can be assumed that it is almost too liquid, but that is not the case.

The use of moisturizer or nourishing serum on the dry skin acts actively to improve the skin barrier. The stronger the barrier, the lower the likelihood that the contamination will hold in the pores, resulting in black spots and rash. Having fat only means that your skin is an effective barrier, not necessarily a sufficient diet. The correct moisturizer can help decompose the oil and regulate the production of sebo. If you go into the menstrual cycle and the oil flows, do not let out the moisturizer. Most moisturizers contain an “emulsifier” c


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