People with pale cheeks like to blush. The blush ensures that young girls have rosy, clear and clear cheeks. Blush, is a kind of make up that is usually used by women to brighten or accentuate their cheeks to provide a younger physical appearance and to emphasize their beauty. It comes in different ways that you can use according to your likeness-either in a powder, cream, gel or liquid.

Blushes have a lot of color or tones. Your choice of blush on depends on your complexion light, medium or dark. The most common colors are naked, pink and red. The blushes play around these tones, but there are more colors than you could choose. Make sure you choose the tone that will work on your skin and skin color. Practically, the right blush can make you and your face alive.

Liquid creams can stay on the cheeks longer than powdered. Cream, gel and liquid blushes are also applied with fingers directly on the naked skin or above the base. On the other hand, the powder blush on is applied using a brush on the top of your lifting powder. It is also crucial that you choose the right brush that does not irritate your skin.

There are several ways to apply blush on to your cheeks. The application depends on the definition or shape of your face. There are somewhere you have a long stroke, while there are some applications where you only brush through your cheeks. It is better to find out what kind of face you have so you can make the right application method!

It has fewer chemicals and ingredients that can cause damage to the skin and health. But like all cosmetics, it can also lead to allergies, acne, and outbreaks. To avoid these college students on your face, it’s better to use blushes with natural ingredients. You must also ensure that your face is cleaned before applying the blush on and after use.

Although safer than most makeups, the disadvantage of using a commercial blush on is that you buy it, which means it can cost a lot and a bit expensive. So instead of buying and worrying about the low risks of this beauty product, why not just make your own bright pink dye at home and save money? Girl Guides is sure you will like to do this and you will be satisfied with the shadow you have created!

Bright pink blush for your pale cheeks

Girl Guides decided to make a bright pink blush on because it’s the most common shade used by women, especially for young adults. Besides, I think it’s the shadow that can really bring out the youth in you.

So to start making this all-natural, cheap and safe homemade blush on, make sure you have the following ingredients:

* 2 tbsp. arrowroot powder

* 2 tbsp. maize (corn) starch

* 1 tsp. beet powder

* Cocoa powder – this can be used to obscure your blush if you think it is too bright

Make sure you have a powder blush on container. You could use a new one. You can also use your old container, make sure you clean it properly!


Simply combine arrowroot powder, corn starch and a teaspoon of beets in a small bowl. Make sure you combine and mix well.Add additional spoons of powder or spices (beet and cocoa powder) until the desired shade is reached. Then try applying it to your face. You may need to make adjustments if you are not satisfied with the shade. You can do this by adding a bit of an ingredient to intensify the color or completely change the tone.

To use this make-up, all you have to do is dip your blush on brush in the powder and take out extra. Apply to your cheekbones to make it extra rosy!

And that’s it! Mix and combine the ingredients. It’s really easy and not time-consuming. You just need to ensure that the powders super thin to make sure they stick to the skin

Play and experiment with the ingredients and you’re ready to go. It will be how you want your shadow to appear. Adjust the colour to your taste. Depending on how bright pink you want your blush on will depend on how much beet powder you use.

This pink homemade blush on is natural and safe. You do not have to worry about how it will affect your skin and your health. And I bet you’ll be very happy and happy wearing this blush.

I think making this bright pink blush will save even more time than buying a commercial blouse in a beauty parlor. Imagine you’re ready to go to the mall and buy a blush. You still have to take a bath, get dressed, wear makeup, among other things.

“Girl Guides” hopes that this article will help you realize that the bright pink blush on made at home is much better than the commercial blush on. It is natural, safe, cheap, and you can decide which color best fits! You better start making this homemade blush on and feel your cheeks rosy and shiny! Share the word with your family and friends. Influence them to go and be natural!


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